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Misdiagnosis of Oregon patients by ER doctors


Emergency rooms are perhaps one of the most vulnerable places for Oregonians when it comes to misdiagnosis and other acts of malpractice. By their nature, ERs are a place sought by patients who need medical care on an emergency basis. This can be a breeding ground for Hospital negligence claims as doctors and other medical staff make mistakes when rushing to care for patients, or doing so without a complete understanding of a patient’s medical history.

Despite the dangers faced by patients in the ER, there are some things Oregonians can do to help protect themselves against misdiagnosis. It can be difficult to communicate with busy, overworked doctors in the ER. Patients should make an effort to get their doctor’s attention and make sure they are listening to their symptoms, medical history and other concerns. Patients should also make an effort to understand why certain tests are being run and the results of those tests.

However, even the most vigilant of patients can succumb to malpractice. This is a serious matter, as misdiagnosis and emergency room errors can quickly turn deadly. Laws are in place to protect patients and their families from these types of mistakes.

Following a medical error, patients may face long-term medical care and rehabilitative treatment. The thought of filing a lawsuit may seem overwhelming to victims. However, with the help of an experienced Oregon medical malpractice attorney, the process can be made as painless as possible. It is important that those responsible for malpractice are held accountable for their acts. It is also important for victims to have the financial means to pay for their medical expenses and long-term care. A medical malpractice claim is a way to recoup these expenses and get justice.

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