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$4 million awarded to mother and child in birth injury case


The birth of a newborn is a joyous time for Oregon parents and families. Trusting in the competence of medical professionals, most new parents never contemplate something going wrong during the birth process. Unfortunately, negligent doctors and medical staff are responsible for Birth injuries on a regular basis. Some of these injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, may heal over time. Other injuries may cause permanent disabilities or even death to a mother and her child.

This was the heartbreaking experience of one family, where both the mother and baby suffered permanent Birth injuries at the hands of a negligent doctor. The obstetrician’s failure to perform a cesarean section caused neurological damage to the child. The 4-year-old girl also suffers from a mild form of cerebral palsy.

According to the lawsuit, the girl’s injuries were the result of the doctor’s decision to continue with a natural birth after the mother’s labor stalled for nearly eight hours. Prior to being delivered, the baby was deprived of oxygen for three and a half minutes when she became stuck in the birth canal. She later had to be resuscitated by hospital staff.

The mother also suffered injuries as a result of the doctor’s negligence. Court documents allege that she is incontinent and cannot work as a result of the injuries. The lawsuit claims the doctor ignored the large size of her baby and failed to recognize other indicators that a cesarean section should have been contemplated. After a four-day trial, the mother and child were awarded $4 million by the jury in their case. The damage award will help care for the financial needs of both the mother and child after their heartbreaking experience.

Source: The Morning Call, “Lehigh County jury awards $4 million in birth injury suit,” Peter Hall, Sept. 11, 2013