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Medical malpractice suit filed by man misdiagnosed with HIV


The serious consequences of misdiagnosis are well known by readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog. Misdiagnosis can result in terminal health conditions and severe pain. Patients often need further medical treatment and incur additional medical debt due to the mistakes of a negligent physician. This was the experience of one Midwest man, who was misdiagnosed with HIV.

The victim has spent nearly the past decade thinking he had HIV and seeking extensive treatment for the disease. He has taken strong medications to treat the disease and limited his relationships to avoid spreading HIV. The impact on his life has been indescribable, with the victim feeling like he has been lied to over all these years.

According to the lawsuit, the initial misdiagnosis occurred in 2004. He was told he tested positive for HIV when in fact his test results showed he tested negative or a diagnosis was indeterminable. The suit claims the confirmatory tests associated with an HIV diagnosis were never done by his doctors or the medical facilities where he sought treatment. The victim questioned the original positive test results, telling his physician that a previous test came back negative. A follow-up test was misread, and his doctors mistakenly had the victim begin treatment immediately for the sexually transmitted disease.

The victim has sued several medical facilities and doctors in connection with his misdiagnosis. He is seeking an unknown amount of damages for his life-altering misdiagnosis. Medical malpractice laws are in place to protect victims from misdiagnosis and inappropriate medical treatment. Patients depend on their doctors and medical teams for appropriate treatment and health needs. This type of mistake can alter the rest of a person’s life. Oregon medical malpractice professionals have the experience to help protect the legal rights of victims in this precise type of situation.

Source:, “Lexington Man Suing, Claiming He Was Misdiagnosed With HIV,” Josh Kegley, Aug. 26, 2013