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$9 million settlement reached in birth injury lawsuit


Birth injuries are among some of the most devastating consequences of medical malpractice. An otherwise healthy infant can suffer serious injuries, permanent disabilities and even death at the hands of a negligent provider. When these types of preventable errors occur, malpractice laws give Oregon victims and their families the ability to obtain compensation against the responsible parties.

In one such case in a neighboring state, a judge recently approved a $9 million out-of-court settlement in a malpractice case filed against the University of California Davis Medical Center. At the heart of the lawsuit is a 20-month girl who suffered a serious birth injury. The mother of the 20-month old went into the birth process expecting a normal, routine delivery. Instead, she was in labor for hours while doctors knew her daughter was in jeopardy.

Their failure to perform a cesarean section resulted in the girl suffering permanent brain damage. Her injuries make it unlikely that she will ever be able to walk, talk or do other routine tasks that many take for granted. The multi-million dollar settlement will provide for the health care of the young girl and provide her with the highest quality of life possible. The settlement is the largest on record for the hospital in a birth injury case. The family had previously struggled with their daughter’s medical bills. The majority of the settlement will be used to fund a life-long annuity for the medical care of the young girl.

Despite the devastating facts of the case, it shows that a medical malpractice claim can successfully hold doctors and medical facilities responsible for their negligent acts. Oregon residents struggling financially in the aftermath of a birth injury caused by a negligent provider or hospital may wish to consult a legal professional regarding their rights and options.

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