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Patient awarded compensation for medication overdose


Some Oregonians hesitate before going to the doctor. They might fear needles, medications, operations, and learning of a dangerous medical condition. Yet, receiving proper medical care can be life-saving, especially when doctors rely on their years of specialized training and experience. Despite all this training, though, medical professionals make mistakes. When these errors occur, a patient can be severely injured in a way that leads to the need for long-term care. In some instances the patient is left with a permanent disability. One woman now faces this fate, and Oregonians should take note of what can be done legally should such a mishap strike them.

In that instance, a 72-year-old woman went to the hospital to be treated for a urinary tract infection. Doctors ordered the administration of Lovenox, a blood anticoagulant. Sadly, the dosage given to the woman was too much and, as a result of the overdose, the patient suffered life-long injuries. The victim now must use a wheel chair and has needed blood transfusions as well as multiple surgical procedures. The woman has since filed a lawsuit through which she was awarded compensation.

One who is harmed by Hospital negligence may have a hard road to recovery. The victim may be left with a lifetime of pain that requires extensive medication which, in turn, may make the victim feel depressed. Also, if additional medical care is needed to treat the worsened condition, as was the case in the instance mentioned above, hospital bills can leave the victim with undeserved, perhaps overwhelming, debt.

Luckily, an Oregon medical malpractice attorney with years of experience can assist the victim in deciding whether a lawsuit against the doctor and hospital that treated her is in her best interest. If, after careful consideration, the choice is made to move forward on a claim, then an attorney can either seek to reach a settlement with the other side or can take the case to court.

If the threat of a lawsuit does not prompt the hospital and its doctor to settle the claim and the case goes to trial, then the attorney will focus on proving negligence. Oregon doctors owe their patients a duty of care. If substandard care fails to live up to the duty of care owed to a patient, then negligence has likely occurred. Succeeding on a claim means the victim may obtain compensation in the form of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. A competent attorney who fights for his or her client’s rights can help the victim find an easier path to recovery and move past such a tragic, undeserved accident.

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