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Woman endures misdiagnosis of West Nile Virus


The misdiagnosis of a medical condition can happen at even the best Oregon hospitals and medical facilities. Medical malpractice cases are often filed due to a misdiagnosis that results in patient injury. Cases involving misdiagnosis can be very serious, since these mistakes may lead to the spread of disease or delayed treatment.

The West Nile Virus is one of many types of diseases that can cause serious injury if misdiagnosed. The virus has become somewhat common across the country and is spread by infected mosquitoes. The story of one woman demonstrates the painful injuries one may suffer due to a Failure to diagnose the disease.

The woman was sitting in her back yard last summer when she was bitten by mosquitoes. Several weeks later she became very sick. She knew about the West Nile Virus and asked her doctor if that could be the cause of her illness. Instead, her doctor diagnosed her with the flu and sent her home with pain medication. Her symptoms became so bad that she could not walk. She eventually developed meningitis, brain lesions and numerous other medical conditions. The woman finally received a correct diagnosis after a blood test and a spinal tap. She was in a rehabilitation center from August 2012 to April of this year. She continues to work to get back the full use of her legs.

The woman’s story of misdiagnosis is one that many Oregon patients can unfortunately share. However, victims of malpractice can rest assured that there are laws in place to protect their legal rights. A malpractice claim can hold a negligent doctor responsible for his or her mistakes, and provide compensation for things such as medical expenses and lost wages.

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