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$100,000 malpractice verdict entered against gynecologist


Readers of our malpractice blog may be interested to learn that a verdict was recently reached in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a prominent Oregon gynecologist. The federal case, which was the subject of a recent blog post, involves a Medford gynecologist whom faced allegations of hospital staff negligence stemming from a 2007 surgery. During that surgery, the plaintiff had a healthy ovary mistakenly removed and a piece of plastic was left in her body when a da Vinci robotic device malfunctioned.

The jury verdict found the doctor guilty of medical malpractice. The jury entered an award in favor of the plaintiff and her husband for $100,000. The verdict was reached after a trial that included two days of testimony from the plaintiffs and numerous physicians, including the defendant himself.

The plaintiffs originally sought $1 million in damages. The jury award included $10,500 in medical expenses and $100,000 for physical and mental pain and suffering. The award did not include payment to the victim’s husband for loss of companionship due to her declining health.

Prior to the 2007 surgery at issue in the case, the gynecologist’s hysterectomy procedures had been scrutinized by the Oregon Medical Board. The medical board ordered corrective action against him in 2004. It also ordered him to continue psychiatric treatment so his treating doctors could report on his “fitness to safely practice medicine.” The board’s investigation ended in January 2006. The well-known gynecologist lists his practice in Hermiston and continues to regularly contribute to news and other media programming on women’s health and robotic surgery.

Source: Mail Tribune, “Jury finds gynecologist liable for malpractice,” Sarah Lemon, Nov. 16, 2013