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Medical malpractice results in wrong-site surgery, misdiagnosis


Medical malpractice and hospital mistakes can turn a routine surgical procedure into a nightmare for Eugene residents. Victims of malpractice often find the experience to be emotionally traumatizing, making it difficult to trust fully in the medical profession. Hospital negligence can also cause serious, life-long injuries to otherwise healthy patients. Permanent injuries may require long-term rehabilitative care that can be both strenuous and costly.

Various cases of egregious malpractice abound. In one case, a man had both his legs crushed in a car accident. The doctors determined that his right leg could be saved, but his left leg had to be amputated. The x-ray technician mislabeled the studies and as a result, the orthopedic surgeon amputated the wrong leg. Despite efforts in place to prevent this type of medical mistake, wrong-site surgery still occurs regularly throughout the country.

In another case, a woman unnecessarily had a double mastectomy. The woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and her first doctor recommended the procedure. She sought a second opinion and was given the same diagnosis and recommendation for treatment. The second doctor based the diagnosis on her original medical records. Unfortunately, a technician had mislabeled the tissue samples in the victim’s original medical records. It was later determined that she never had breast cancer.

Yet another victim has a malpractice case in the works asserting claims of negligence. The man went in for a standard liposuction procedure. It was expected to last one and a half hours. Instead, the procedure lasted six hours because his doctor fell asleep. These cases highlight the egregious acts of malpractice that can happen at the hands of doctors and health care workers. Victims of malpractice and hospital negligence can learn more about their legal rights by contacting a Eugene legal professional. A successful malpractice lawsuit can provide compensation for those injured by negligent doctors.

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