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Misdiagnosed cancer causes severe damage to woman’s face


Eugene patients depend on the expertise of their doctors and medical professionals on a daily basis. Doctors are often called upon to make a diagnosis when a patient has fallen ill. The repercussions of a mistaken or overlooked illness can be catastrophic. Patients may suffer a delay in treatment, or be treated for the wrong medical condition all together. When injuries are caused by misdiagnosis and associated negligence, medical malpractice laws are in place to give victims certain legal rights.

The tragic story of one woman shows the devastating effects of misdiagnosis. She was misdiagnosed with terminal cancer and suffered painful radiation treatments. The misdiagnosed cancer arose from a growth on the woman’s jaw. Doctors later determined the growth was never cancerous. Before receiving a proper diagnosis, the woman underwent intense radiation treatments overseas. These treatments disfigured her, melting away her skin and bone. The resulting hole in her face has made it difficult to do routine tasks such as drink, talk and eat. A small ray of hope exists in this story, though. The woman was brought to the Midwest in hopes of treatment for her disfigurement. Doctors are now working to reconstruct her face and undo at least part of the damage caused by the unnecessary medical treatment.

Unfortunately, people across the country are misdiagnosed with cancer on a regular basis. This can result in painful, costly treatment that is wholly unnecessary. Alternatively, a misdiagnosis can prevent patients from timely seeking the treatment that is desperately needed. The emotional and physical toll of misdiagnosis can be devastating. It leaves many victims and families wondering if they have any recourse against those responsible.

Fortunately, medical malpractice laws are in place to protect victims against negligent acts. An experienced legal professional can help victims with the complexities of a malpractice claim. A successful case can provide compensation for the injuries suffered as a result of malpractice.

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