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Expecting mother injured during birth, files lawsuit


While an expecting mother may be excited to give birth to her child, it is a time that can also be riddled with difficult healthcare decisions. However, a woman’s ability to make adequate decisions for herself and her unborn child is dependent upon being fully informed of her options. When a doctor fails to fully inform his patient, a serious injury may occur.

One woman who found herself in such a situation has recently filed a lawsuit against her doctor. According to the claim, the woman’s doctor failed to offer a C-section as a way to give birth to her child. As a result, the woman suffered tearing during birth, which continues to give her physical pain and suffering along with mental anguish and several other types of harm. The lawsuit also claims the doctor failed to fully inform the woman of the dangers of a vaginal delivery.

A pregnancy-related injury like this can have severe long-term consequences. The woman may suffer disfigurement, ongoing pain, emotional turmoil and she may have to pay medical expenses in an effort to remedy her injuries. All this pain and suffering may become overwhelming, but a medical malpractice victim can seek help.

When there has been an injury to a mother caused by substandard care, then a lawsuit may succeed against a medical professional if it can be proven the negligent care caused the victim’s injuries. Hopefully, if the case succeeds, the new mother will receive the compensation she needs not only to regain her health and start her new life with her child, but also to punish those who act negligently when the health of another is in their hands.

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