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Failure to conduct surgery may have led to man’s wrongful death


Having an unknown medical condition can be terrifying. The discomfort and pain associated with the illness can become overbearing, leaving an individual stressed that something is seriously wrong. These individuals often go to the hospital in hopes of discovering what ails them, and also to have the problem treated properly. While adequate treatment may remedy a medical condition, a medical mistake in treatment can be deadly. When this happens, Oregon families should know what they can do, legally speaking, to attempt to recover their damages.

A recently filed wrongful death lawsuit helps illustrate the point. There, a man went to the hospital with nausea, vomiting and abdominal distention. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered the patient had a bowel obstruction. After a CT scan and an x-ray, it should have become apparent the patient had a bowel perforation and a perforated viscus. Yet, surgery was never conducted to remedy the situation. The man’s estate claims this failure ultimately led to the man’s death, as an autopsy found spillage of fecal material in the victim’s abdominal cavity. Therefore, the estate seeks to recover damages for the man’s wrongful death.

The loss of a loved one can be difficult on many levels. Emotionally, a family may struggle to cope without seeing their loved one on a daily basis and being able talk to him or her. The family may also incur financial debt in the form of medical and funeral bills. To make matters worse, the family may have to deal with the knowledge that their loved one suffered extreme pain and suffering before passing.

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks to hold accountable those responsible for a loved one’s premature death. An attorney can help an Oregon resident seek to prove negligence on a medical professional’s behalf, and that the negligence caused the loved one’s passing. If these elements are satisfactorily shown, then compensation may be recovered. These awards may help pay off accumulated, suffocating bills and help bring a sense of justice to the surviving family.

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