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Oregon doctor sued after over-prescribing medication


Since doctors have years of experience and training, most patients fully trust theirs. This means most recommendations made by the medical professional are agreed to. Operations are performed, courses of treatment prescribed to, and medications taken all because a doctor suggests it will help the patient get better. While in many cases the doctor’s treatment is beneficial, in others it can be a mistake, leading to serious harm.

One Oregon woman believes she was harmed by her doctor’s actions after she was prescribed 19,000 oxycodone pills over a two year period. She has since suffered diabetic thoracic radiculopathy, chronic pain, lost teeth, lost vision, and headaches, amongst other harms due to her eventual withdrawal from the drug. The woman has since filed a lawsuit against her doctor, claiming he prescribed the pills without questioning whether it was medically justifiable.

Hospital negligence can take many forms. A surgical error, a birth injury or a medication error can all cause serious injuries or death. Victims of this negligence could suffer extreme physical, emotional and financial damages. A victim may be left with a permanent disability that requires expensive long-term care, which may be difficult to pay for if the victim is unable to work. Also, the victim may have to cope with the emotional trauma of being unable to live a normal life.

An Oregon medical malpractice attorney can help these victims seek to recoup their damages by assisting them in filing a lawsuit against the medical professional who wronged them. By gathering evidence and applying the applicable standard of care, the attorney will seek to show that negligence caused the victim’s injuries. If successful, then compensation may be recovered.

Though money may never be able to fully harm an individual’s injuries, it can help cover medical costs, lost wages and ease pain and suffering. Also, a hospital negligence lawsuit holds irresponsible doctors and nurses accountable for their actions, thereby deterring them from acting negligent in the future.

Source: The Oregonian, “Woman prescribed 19,000 oxycodone pills, sues Milwaukie doctor and Gresham pharmacy for $1.5 million,” Aimee Green, Dec. 18, 2013