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Lawsuit: failure to diagnose heart conditions led to man’s death


Obtaining a proper medical diagnosis is critical when it comes to receiving adequate treatment. An initial diagnosis, if correct, can lead to the prescribing of effective medication, the recommending of necessary operations, and the providing of a long-term care plan. Yet, too many Americans, including Oregonians, are unnecessarily wrongly diagnosed, and the results can be deadly.

One woman is suing a doctor after her husband died from a heart attack. According to her lawsuit, her husband’s doctor failed to diagnose several cardiac conditions that, if caught in a timely manner, could have been treated to prevent his untimely death. In addition to failing to order a cardiology consult, the woman accuses the doctor of failing to spot a blood clot in a coronary artery and neglecting to detect generalized plaque buildup. While in a state of grieving, this woman now must fight to recover her damages.

Luckily, those who are victimized by a failure to diagnose do not have to fight their legal battle alone. An Oregon attorney with medical malpractice experience can help with the process and will aggressively seek to recover maximum compensation. By consulting with an attorney, a victim or his or her surviving family can become familiar with the process and the legal strategies available to seek the compensation they need and deserve.

A successful medical malpractice lawsuit can help cover many losses. Medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering can all be compensated for through a successful lawsuit. When a failure to diagnose a medical condition leads to delayed treatment and a worsened condition, victims can be irreparably harmed. It is therefore imperative these victims seek to recover their damages while at the same time holding errant medical professionals accountable, thereby deterring future hospital negligence.

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