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Oregon boy’s family files negligence lawsuit for botched surgery


Most people know that surgeries are common throughout the U.S. and Oregon, and that many of these operations successfully remedy or limit the negative effects of a medical condition. What some may not know is that sometimes doctors rely on their judgment, which may not always be best for the patient. All too often, a doctor’s error in judgment costs an unsuspecting patient his or her health, normal lifestyle, or his or her life itself.

An Oregon boy is now the center of a hospital negligence lawsuit after a doctor’s judgment during an operation left the boy without functioning testicles. Though most boys’ testicles descend naturally, some need an operation to have them manually moved. In this case, the boy’s parents were told the procedure would be undertaken during two separate operations, but doctors decided to attempt to complete the maneuver during a single surgery. As a result, the lawsuit claims, the boy’s testicles were lost. Now, starting at age 11, the boy must have twice-monthly testosterone injections in order to properly develop his secondary sexual characteristics.

Those who suffer injuries during a medical operation oftentimes must deal with the physical, emotional and financial consequences unfairly thrust upon them. This may include pain, stress, depression, medical expenses and lost wages. Fortunately, these individuals can seek to recover their damages through a lawsuit.

A hospital negligence lawsuit succeeds when a victim adequately shows a medical professional was negligent and that negligence caused injuries. An attorney can be invaluable in bringing a claim forward by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, negotiating with the defendant, and providing legal advocacy in front of a court.

It is hoped a successful case will bring a victim the compensation he or she needs to acquire the medical care, including long-term care if one suffers a permanent disability, needed to reach as full a recovery as possible. Additionally, recoverable damages may help cover lost wages and pain and suffering, making life a little bit easier to deal with.

Source: Claims Journal, “Oregon Lawsuit Seeks $1.5M Over Surgery That Rendered Testicles Useless,” Jan. 22, 2014