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Unnecessary spine surgery leads to hospital negligence lawsuit


Doctors are perhaps amongst the most trusted individuals in our society. Their years of education, training and experience put them in a unique position where patients’ well-being and the patients’ very lives rest in these doctors’ hands. Thus, when a medical professional in Oregon makes a diagnosis and recommends a course of treatment, patients often agree. Unfortunately, though, sometimes doctors and the hospitals at which they work are negligent, leaving their patients seriously injured.

In one situation, a doctor is facing multiple lawsuits for his alleged negligence in conducting multiple spine surgeries. One of the lawsuits currently in the trial phase centers on an incident where a woman who suffered back and neck pain was significantly harmed when the doctor ordered a second, unnecessary surgery.

The surgery, known as a C3-C7 laminoplasty, is typically conducted by entering the front part of the neck, but the doctor allegedly entered through the back of the neck, which required cutting through bone and muscle. This caused the patient extreme pain and suffering and was unnecessary, according to another surgeon who testified on behalf of the plaintiff.

Patients who are harmed by hospital negligence should consider acting on their legal rights. A Eugene-based attorney can assist those who have suffered injuries and/or permanent disability file a lawsuit against an errant doctor and the hospital at which he or she works. To satisfy the elements of a successful claim, the attorney will diligently comb through medical records, witness accounts and expert testimony.

If negligence can be proven to have caused the victim’s injuries, then compensation may be recovered. This money may bring much comfort to a medical malpractice victim by helping pay for medical expenses including long-term care, lost wages, and easing pain and suffering. Perhaps then the victim will feel as if everything was done to make his or her situation as right as possible.

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