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Doctor fails to refer patient to specialist, injuries result


Oftentimes before going in for surgery, patients are made aware of potential complications. Many times these patients accept the risks and continue with the procedure. Yet, when something does go wrong, the doctor should take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. This may mean providing additional care or, if he or she cannot properly treat the condition, referring the patient to another doctor. Failing to do so may lead to additional, long-lasting injuries for the patient.

A recently decided medical malpractice lawsuit helps show how dangerous these instances can be for unsuspecting patients. There, a woman went in for a tummy tuck, but after the operation she experienced clots, drainage and burning sensations in and around the operation’s wound. Her doctor attempted to clean the area, but never referred her to a wound care specialist, even though she had requested one.

The woman eventually went to the emergency room where it was discovered she had a staph infection. Though her condition improved, she is now left with a large disfigured area of her body that sometimes opens up. Her more than $1 million recovery will hopefully help her find some comfort and provide her with financial stability.

Oregon residents who suffer injuries at the hands of hospital negligence should take the matter extremely seriously. The best way to do this may be to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Whether one is left with an unwanted scar or a permanent disability, a doctor can be held liable for any damage he or she caused through negligence. An attorney can help with such a case and, if successful, the victim may recover compensation to help ease medical expenses and lost wages. Then the victim can focus on his or her life ahead with a little financial comfort.

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