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Man suffers permanent disability when cardiologist leaves surgery


Medical operations are complicated. Thus, surgeons must go through years of extensive education and training. Such a thorough preparing not only allows doctors to remedy several medical conditions efficiently, but they also teach medical professionals how to do so without putting a patient at an unnecessary risk of harm. Some doctors, though, fail to perform their job in a way that puts safety first.

One surgical patient has been left in a vegetative state after his cardiologist allegedly left his operation before it was concluded. The 72-year-old patient had been undergoing the operation to remedy an aortic aneurysm when the doctor allegedly walked out to attend a luncheon, leaving a physician’s assistant to finish the procedure. Because the patient’s body lost oxygen, his heart stopped. The surgeon then returned to manually massage the patient’s heart, but it was too late to prevent any damage from occurring. A subsequent investigation determined the doctor had violated hospital protocol. The victim’s family has since filed a hospital negligence lawsuit

As can be seen by this instance, suffering injuries at the hands of doctor negligence can be life-altering. A victim can be left with a permanent disability and with a need for long-term care. While physically immobilizing and emotionally devastating, such damage can also be financially overwhelming.

Luckily, a medical malpractice lawsuit might help alleviate some of these losses. Though compensation may not bring one’s full health back, it can help cover medical expenses and ease pain and suffering. Those who feel they have been wronged by a medical professional and have suffered injuries as a result should consider speaking with a lawyer. Maybe with a little legal help a medical malpractice victim can find peace of mind and financial comfort.

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