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Nurses’ delay causes serious birth injury


Delivering a baby is a delicate process. Though many think doctors are well-equipped to handle these situations, there are other medical professionals who must also perform their duties adequately in order for the child to be born safely without harm to the mother. A mistake caused by any member of the delivery team can cause irreparable harm to the baby, the mother or both.

To see just how injurious these instances can be, one need only look to a recent lawsuit outcome where a family was awarded nearly $33 million after its child suffered a serious birth injury. The injury was suffered when two nurses waited 13 minutes before telling the mother’s doctor about the baby’s drastically reduced heart rate. As a result of the delay, the child’s brain was deprived of oxygen and she was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The child’s parents plan to use the award to obtain continued specialized care for their daughter.

Birth injuries often result in brain injury and permanent disability. In addition to having to cope with the physical pain and suffering and the emotional trauma thrust upon the family, it must also deal with exorbitant medical expenses. Most of the time, a lawsuit is the only hope a family has to afford this much needed care.

Victims in Oregon can seek a local attorney to help them with their claim. The attorney will assess their case, gather the best evidence available and develop a legal argument that supports the family’s claim. Both lay and expert witnesses may be called to testify, and an experienced attorney will know how to examine and cross-examine these individuals to reach the truth. Hopefully when all is said and done the family will receive the compensation it needs for long-term care and it will be able to focus on moving toward a brighter future.

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