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Nurses’ increased workload may contribute to hospital negligence


People who think of medical errors often conjure images of doctors making mistakes, whether surgical, medication or diagnostic. However, doctors are not the only medical professionals who can cause injuries to patients. Nurses, too, can make serious errors that can cause severe harm, including permanent disability and even death. And there may be bad news for patients with regard to the care provided by nurses.

According to a new survey, many nurses feel overworked and feel as if their patient time is inhibited. Nurses often cite patient care coordination, paperwork and other documentary and regulatory duties as reasons for taking them away from their patients. In fact, the survey found these peripheral duties took between two and four hours a day to complete. While these issues are making nurses less happy in their occupation, patients may be suffering as a result.

Patients who receive less personal time with medical professionals may be more susceptible to hospital negligence. Rushing nurses may not have time to adequately monitor patients or detect arising medical conditions. Delayed treatment, forgotten medication administration, and inaccurate documentation could lead to serious patient harm.

When one is injured by hospital negligence, he or she could face a difficult recovery. Physical pain in addition to emotional turmoil can be excruciating and long-lasting. Additionally, medical expenses may pile up as the victim may need long-term care to treat his or her worsened condition.

Fortunately, these victims can seek to recover compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. In Oregon, hospital negligence attorneys are available to help the victim bring a strong legal claim forward. If a jury is convinced negligence caused the victim’s injuries, then compensation may be awarded for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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