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Woman dies when doctors fail to diagnose coronary artery disease


People go to the emergency room for a whole host of reasons. Some of the injuries are minor in comparison other major, more life-threatening conditions with which some come to the emergency room. One sign of a serious condition, and one symptom doctors take very seriously, is chest pain. When an individual is experiencing tightness or pain in the chest, he or she may need immediate care and should undergo appropriate testing to discover any underlying conditions.

Unfortunately, though, not all doctors take their patients’ conditions as seriously as they should. When this happens, an individual may be prevented life-saving treatment. This occurred recently, leaving one woman dead. According to a pending lawsuit, the woman’s doctor’s failed to diagnose her with coronary artery disease, even though she had been to the emergency room with coronary symptoms. The doctors apparently failed to order the proper tests to detect the disease and did not evaluate the woman even though she had an abnormal EKG and stress test.

As a result of her death, the victim’s loved ones must now try to handle their grief in addition to economic losses such as medical expenses and funeral costs. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, surviving family members of an individual killed by a medical mistake may be able to recover economic losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages, as well as noneconomic losses, such as loss of companionship and pain and suffering. These lawsuits also hold negligent professionals accountable for their actions, thereby helping to ensure future patients will receive the care they deserve.

Oregon’s residents who must cope with the loss of a loved one may feel lost and overwhelmed. A compassionate attorney with a drive to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves can prove invaluable during the legal process. Therefore, speaking with such a professional may be in a surviving family member’s best interest and it may help put his or her mind and wallet at ease.

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