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Doctor’s over-prescription causes woman’s death


One of the best ways for doctors to combat medical conditions is to prescribe medications. Though many of these drugs work, their effectiveness is based on the patient receiving the appropriate dosage. When a medical professional gives a patient too little or too much of a medicine, the patient may suffer serious harm, including permanent disability and even death.

Oregon residents may have heard about a family in another state that has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a doctor, a pharmacy and a pharmacist after allegedly over-prescribing the painkiller Fentanyl. The drug, which often comes in patch-form, was given to the victim to treat her continual back pain. However, after using only her second patch, the woman died. According to the lawsuit, the woman was intolerant to the drug, which the defendants should have realized. The claim alleges the woman was prescribed a dosage three times as large as the lowest strength, which was much more than the woman could tolerate. Additionally, the lawsuit claims the drug carries warning of the drug’s effects on those who are intolerant, but medical professionals failed to heed those warnings.

Those who have lost a loved one due to wrongful death may be left in a dire physical, emotional and financial position. While family members of victims may be left immobile and stressed, these individuals often also have to find a way to pay medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses associated with a person’s passing. The process can be overwhelming.

Oregon residents who have lost loved ones and are thinking about filing a wrongful death lawsuit may want to consider speaking with a legally trained professional. A winning case may bring a victim’s family compensation that might help pay off medical expenses and recoup lost wages. Such a lawsuit also sends a strong message to the medical profession that their work is of the utmost importance, and safety issues should be treated accordingly.

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