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Emergency room delay leaves girl with permanent disability


Every year, many Oregonians go to the emergency room expecting prompt medical care. Doctors and nurses often have to decide whose condition is most significant and requires the most immediate attention. Though this process is typically successful, sometimes an error can occur that has devastating consequences.

That was the scenario in one hospital emergency room when a nine-day-old infant was brought there by her parents and went untreated for hours. According to a lawsuit filed by the child’s parents, the child fought to breathe while they waited. When doctors finally examined her it still took them two days to discover she had a defective heart. Doctors performed an emergency operation to untwist the child’s aorta, but the lack of blood flow to her brain had already caused irreversible brain damage. The child, now 7-years-old, has trouble doing everyday tasks such walking using her hands. The family’s lawsuit recently succeeded, awarding them more than $11 million.

As this case evidences, doctor errors in the form of delayed treatment, misdiagnosis or surgical error can leave a victim with a permanent disability and a tough life ahead of him or her. The physical and emotional toll can be large, but a victim also must find a way to pay for medical expenses and the long-term care he or she needs. Fortunately, these victims may find relief for damages related to their injuries by filing a lawsuit.

When hospital negligence occurs in Oregon, an Oregon-based attorney can help. He or she will diligently work to ensure the victim’s case is as legally sound as possible, which will maximize the victim’s potential to recover compensation. In the event a case succeeds, the victim may find him or herself financially stable and able to move on with life as best as possible. Also, a medical malpractice lawsuit punishes medical wrongdoing in a way that forces hospitals and medical personnel to take note.

Source: The Journal News, “Girl wins $11 million in suit against hospital, doctors,” Jane Lerner, March 10, 2014