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Nurse delays cause permanent, serious injuries to patient


Patients often worry about what can go wrong during a medical procedure. They may fear the surgeon will operate on the wrong body part, will nick an organ, or will leave a surgical instrument inside of them. While these are all legitimate concerns, often many problems associated with an operation do not present themselves until after the procedure is finished. If a doctor fails to closely monitor a patient’s condition afterwards, the patient may suffer serious injuries.

One man filed a lawsuit against his doctor after he was left incontinent and impotent after having back surgery. While recovering from the operation, the man experienced back pain. Though his doctors agreed to monitor his condition, nurses at the hospital failed to relay important information regarding the patient’s condition to the doctors. The man developed a Cauda Equina, which is a hematoma that presses on nerves, and, though doctors performed emergency surgery to remedy the condition, the delay left the man permanently injured. A lawsuit filed by the man and his wife succeeded, giving them compensation for medical expenses, including long-term care, and loss of consortium.

Hospital negligence can permanently change an individual’s life for the worse. In many cases, victims are left with a permanent disability, which disallows them from doing the things they once loved. Sadly, on top of this emotional and physical pain, a victim often incurs financial hardship due to lost wages and medical bills.

The good news for victims is they have hope of recovering compensation for their damages. An Oregon attorney can sit with a victim and discuss his or her legal options and how best to proceed with a claim. If the facts are favorable, an attorney may be able to gather sufficient evidence to show negligence and causation. If a settlement is reached or a victim wins at trial, then compensation may be awarded for economic and noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering. Hopefully these awards will help a victim reach his or her recovery potential while achieving financial safety.

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