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Women misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, file lawsuit


Oregonians tend to trust their doctors. After all, these professionals spend a significant portion of their lives learning of how to identify medical condition and how to treat them. Yet, doctors can be wrong. What makes it scary is since many patients are in the dark about what symptoms medical conditions carry, they often do not question a doctor’s diagnosis. A doctor’s failure to diagnose the proper condition can lead to delayed treatment, a worsened condition and, sometimes, death.

Seven women have filed a lawsuit against their doctor for misdiagnosing their medical condition, causing them extreme stress, worry and financial expense. The women were all diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a progressive, often incurable disease that affects the nervous system. The women were prescribed daily injections to prevent flare-ups, costing them $5,000 a month. Additionally, at least one of the women was later discovered to have Lou Gehrig’s disease, and her misdiagnosis may have prevented her from obtaining prompt care to treat that condition.

Being harmed by the negligence of an individual entrusted with one’s well-being can be heartbreaking. Emotionally, these victims may be overwhelmed with concern and stress that could have been prevented if the proper condition was diagnosed in the first place. Physically, a delayed diagnosis can allow a disease to progress beyond the point of treating, endangering the life of the patient. Financially, victims of these mishaps can be left with enormous medical bills that they never deserved in the first place.

When all hope seems lost, a medical malpractice attorney may be able to provide some much needed support. By gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and crafting a legal strategy that utilizes supporting case law, an attorney can fight to recover compensation for the victim’s damages. If successful, the victim may find financial stability as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering may be awarded. A winning case may also serve as punishment for an errant medical professional, helping to deter negligence in the future and assisting in making the healthcare industry a safer place for patients.

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