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Wrongful death lawsuit filed after heart attack mistreated


The emergency room can be life-saving. Experienced doctors and nurses typically make accurate diagnoses and treat them quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, though, medical mistakes are made and unsuspecting patients and their families fall victim. In addition to the obvious physical and emotional harm that can befall these individuals, financial losses can also have a devastating impact.

A family has recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital it believes is responsible for the death of a father and a husband. According to reports, the radio host went to the hospital with obvious signs of a heart attack, such as high blood pressure, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Though he was quickly given an electrocardiogram, the victim’s doctor failed to give the man the proper medication. Instead of giving him blood thinners, the doctor gave him a drug that lowered his blood pressure. This mistake disallowed the patient’s heart from recovering, and may have ultimately led to his death.

Families who must cope with the loss of a loved one may have a difficult time finding understanding and closure. To make matters worse, they may have to deal with unexpected and undeserved expenses related to the mishap. Medical bills, funeral costs and lost wages can all leave a family in a dire financial position, making it difficult to pay everyday bills.

Perhaps the best way for these families to recover their losses, both economic and noneconomic, is to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If a family wins on one of these claims, then compensation may be awarded to comfort pain and suffering and to recoup financial losses. An Oregon wrongful death attorney can help see the family through the process and provide the legal advice it needs to make fully informed decisions in its best interests. Hopefully then the family will find the closure it needs and will be able to move on with life knowing that some form of justice has been obtained.

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