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Doctor’s delayed treatment leaves man with brain damage


Medical professionals can truly seem to work miracles by stopping the progression of deadly medical conditions and even remedying some illnesses and injuries. Yet, successfully treating a patient is dependent upon accurately diagnosing a patient. Though many would be right in assuming this refers to one’s overall condition or illness, it may also pertain to overlooked issues that can cause significant damage to a patient.

For example, a recently filed lawsuit against a doctor and the hospital at which he works claims the doctor failed to timely clear a patient’s obstructed airway. The victim had been taken to the hospital after the car he was riding in struck a deer, causing him serious injuries. The doctor’s delay in diagnosing the man’s obstructed airway allegedly caused the victim permanent brain damage. The victim must now receive long-term care.

Those who suffer a permanent disability or any other injury at the hands of a doctor’s mistake may have a difficult road ahead of them. They must fight to regain their physical health and battle the emotional turmoil that comes with the territory. To make matters worse, these individuals often have to find a way to pay for unexpected medical bills when they are incapable of working.

Luckily, these individuals can file a lawsuit against a medical professional for his or her failure to diagnose or delayed treatment. In Oregon, an attorney can aid a victim throughout the process, aggressively seeking to show a doctor’s negligence caused the victim’s injuries. An attorney can also help the victim seek to recover maximum compensation so that he or she can recover from his or her worsened condition as best as possible.

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