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Oregon hospital sued for serious birth injuries


Life is a fragile thing, especially when a life is that of a newborn child. The birthing process, though a tough, yet joyous one, is often fraught with medical complexities. While some of these problems are unexpected and unavoidable, others are completely preventable. Sadly, sometimes mothers and their newborn babies are subjected to these preventable errors and serious injuries result.

Take the case of a recently filed lawsuit against a Silverton hospital. There, three families claim the hospital and its medical professionals were negligent in delivering their babies, causing their children to suffer irreversible brain damage and cerebral palsy.

In one instance, medical professionals are accused of taking too long to start resuscitation efforts after a baby was born lifeless through an emergency C-section. Though he survived, that child now has issues with the development of his speech skills as well as the use of his right arm and leg, and he is prone to rage-fueled tantrums. The families in these cases seek compensation to assist them in providing the long-term care their children now need.

Many serious birth injuries are completely preventable, so long as doctors and nurses are attentive and act with the adequate amount of speed and care. Unfortunately, as these cases highlight, lapses in judgment and focus can turn what is supposed to be a time of happiness into one of extreme heartache and pain. These families and their injured children are often left with a difficult life ahead of them that requires extensive medical care just to perform daily tasks.

Though a so-called “normal life” may never be reached by a child with cerebral palsy, the child can still find happiness. However, the first step in attaining the joy the child deserves is to acquire the appropriate medical care. These medical expenses can be costly and long-lasting. Yet, families harmed by a doctor error may be able to recover the compensation they need by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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