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Lawsuit claims doctor inappropriately operated, caused injuries


Many Oregonian’s have likely heard the heat the Veterans’ Administration is under for providing no or subpar treatment to our nation’s veterans. However, it takes a personal account of poor healthcare to paint the picture that statistics cannot. One man’s horror story has recently come to life, and it may leave some squeamish and angry.

The 60-year-old Marine vet had gone to a local VA hospital for treatment of a urinary blockage. However, a resident doctor failed to use enough anesthesia before trying to insert a wire scope into the man’s penis, leaving him in excruciating pain and covered in blood and urine. The veteran was eventually sent home without pain medication, but he later had to return to the hospital for an injection to ease his condition.

When the victim discovered he needed an operation to remedy his medical condition, he specifically asked that the doctor who harmed him before not take part in the surgery. Though he was assured the errant doctor would not be present during the operation, the victim awoke to find that doctor had participated and had accidentally punctured his rectum and his prostate. The victim now has permanent scarring, pain and suffering and incontinence. He has since filed a lawsuit.

Hospital negligence like this should never occur, yet, it continues to leave unsuspecting patients with serious injuries, permanent disability and death. Those who survive the ordeal may be left with the need for long-term care, which can be costly and painful.

Recovering those losses, and holding an errant doctor accountable, can sometimes be achieved by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney can help a victim assess the defendant’s duty of care and whether or not that duty was breached. If, through negotiation or a trial, negligence is shown, then an attorney will diligently work to show the extent of the victim’s injuries, thereby maximizing the compensation he or she may recover. Hopefully such recoveries will help him or her find some comfort and peace.

Source: The Indianapolis Star, “One vet’s VA treatment in Indianapolis: Pain, suffering, and now a lawsuit,” Jeff Swiatek, May 15, 2014