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Woman recovers $12 million in hospital negligence lawsuit


Those who have had surgery or are about to have an operation know how nervous an individual can get before going under the knife. These nerves are well-founded. A slip of a scalpel, inattentive medical professionals, and inaccurate acts can leave a patient maimed and with life-long pain. In some instances they are fatal. Those who are injured by a surgical error may face a painful, depressing, life-long road to recovery.

One woman may be on that road now after her colon was punctured during what was supposed to be a routine hernia operation. The incident left the woman in a coma and a significant amount of her large intestine had to be removed. The woman recently won her hospital negligence lawsuit and was awarded $12 million. Such a recovery may help the woman find financial stability and comfort, but she may never be as healthy as she was before the incident.

While the amount an individual recovers from a medical malpractice lawsuit can depend on several factors, it is important for Oregonians to know that compensation can only be acquired if a defendant’s negligence is shown to have caused the victim’s injuries. An attorney often helps victims with their claim by gathering evidence, interviewing and questioning witnesses, and participating in negotiations and oral advocacy. Many times, when the facts and law support it, a claim will succeed, allowing a victim to recover the compensation he or she needs to recoup medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In far too many cases, individuals injured by a surgical error are left with a permanent disability and require long-term care. Though such an outcome can be disheartening, painful, and overwhelmingly stressful, an attorney can be an ally to a victim in the battle to recover what is rightfully his or hers.

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