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Oregon hospital sued after misdiagnosis


This blog often discusses the dangers associated with doctors’ failure to diagnose serious medical conditions and how delayed treatment can seriously worsen a patient’s medical condition. Yet, failing to diagnose health can also be damaging, as one doctor has recently discovered.

The doctor went to Oregon Health & Science University to seek treatment for fatigue. When blood tests were run, results differed, with some showing the doctor had hairy cell leukemia and others showing he was healthy. However, the patient’s doctor advised he undergo chemotherapy, which he did. When his fatigue worsened, the doctor went to a different medical institution, where additional tests showed he was negative for hairy cell leukemia. Medical professionals believe the first hospital’s failure to conduct a bone marrow biopsy and a gene mutation screen resulted in inaccurate test results and thus an inaccurate diagnosis. The doctor is now seeking $300,000 for pain and suffering related to his diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment.

Medical professionals should only recommend serious medical treatment when they have good reason for doing so. Having inaccurate or inconsistent test results is not enough. As evidenced by the case discussed above, acting on faulty information can result in extensive physical and mental harm. Therefore, in an attempt to recover losses and hold negligent medical professionals accountable, victims should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Though the thought of a lawsuit can be scary, it should be embraced as a way to have one’s voice be heard. An Oregon attorney can help magnify and direct that voice, hopefully in a way that will show doctor negligence and causation. If this is done successfully, then a victim may recover much needed compensation to help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Thus, a victim has a lot to gain by considering his or her legal options and nothing to lose.

Source: The Oregonian, “Doctor who became patient sues OHSU for $300,000, saying cancer diagnosis was likely wrong,” Aimee Green, Aug. 13, 2014