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Woman suffers worsened condition when doctors test wrong knee


Another individual has filed a lawsuit against her doctors after they failed to timely diagnose her cancer. According to the lawsuit, the woman went to the hospital after experiencing pain in her knee, which she attributed to running. Medical professionals ordered an X-ray of the knee and found an abnormality that could be attributed to cancer. To be sure, professionals then ordered an MRI on the knee. However, the test was conducted on the wrong knee. Her doctor then relied on the MRI of the wrong, healthy knee, and was therefore unable to properly diagnose her.

Only after going to see another doctor was the woman referred to an orthopedic tumor specialist and then an oncologist. It was at that time, seven months after seeing her initial doctor, that the woman was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The disease had spread to her lungs and was classified as stage III. As a result of the failure to diagnose, the woman’s long-term survival rate dropped from 70 to 30 percent. She now seeks compensation for her damages, which include extensive pain and medical expenses.

Patients in Oregon rightfully expect to be properly diagnosed. Though some medical conditions are difficult to diagnose, many can be quickly identified when the proper tests are rendered and accurately read. When a doctor’s failure to diagnose deprives their patients of the minimum standard of care, harm is likely to result. These situations can leave victims with traumatic emotional, physical, and financial losses. In some cases, a worsened condition can develop and delayed treatment can lead to death.

Though medical malpractice victims may not want to think about the legal process, doing so may bring them financial relief and a sense of justice. The good news is they do not have to confront the system by themselves. Instead, an experienced attorney can be by their side every step of the way, fighting to protect their best interests and ensure that the best possible resolution is reached.

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