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Doctor negligent in treatment of woman


Life is precious and can easily be lost. Injuries, disease and other medical ailments can quickly make a person’s life very difficult. Oregon’s doctors are often trusted to fix these issues and get people back in good health. In some cases it might not be possible to fix every problem, but doctors are expected not to make things worse.

However, not all doctors are good at what they do. Some doctors cause more harm than good. In some cases, doctors can even be responsible for a patient’s death. In a recent case, a doctor has been found responsible for the deteriorating condition present in one woman. In this case, the woman complained of fatigue and pain.

The doctor — a neurosurgeon — was accused of performing unnecessary surgeries on the woman. These surgeries included spinal decompression surgeries, which other professionals have called “experimentation” and “medically unnecessary.” The woman — who has since passed away — claimed that the doctor created new health issues as a result of the treatments. In the suit, the woman and her husband claimed the doctor’s care resulted in a paralyzed vocal cord, nausea, severe headaches and other pain.

The doctor has been sued before and has lost his license to practice medicine in other situations. Damages have been ordered in the case.

When a person is injured or killed from a doctor mistake, the family needs to know that they have legal rights. Through a wrongful death suit, the family can receive compensation for the doctor’s negligence. This money cannot bring back a loved one, but it can give people the opportunity to focus on their healing instead of worrying about unexpected financial problems.

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