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Hospital settles suit with Oregon women over doctor misconduct


People place extraordinary amounts of trust and faith into hospitals. Most people are not able to handle complex medical care on their own; therefore, people turn to these institutions when they are sick and need experts to help. In many cases, Oregon hospitals are able to handle people’s medical needs to ensure that they recover. However, there are situations where hospitals fail their patients and people suffer.

In one Oregon case, an anesthesiologist has been convicted of sexually molesting patients that were in his care. At least 12 woman have accused the doctor of mistreatment and have sued the hospital as a result. The doctor was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2012 on rape charges related to this case.

Last year, an Oregon jury awarded $2.4 million to three of the women involved in the case. In that trial, the jury found the hospital liable for the damage the women had suffered. Recently, another lawsuit has been settled related to this case. While the terms of the settlement were not made public, the case involved four women. One of the women claimed that she received six figures after attorney’s fees. Two lawsuits with the hospital involving the doctor’s conduct have yet to be resolved.

When doctors abuse patients, like in this case, a hospital might be liable for the doctor’s misconduct. A hospital can also be held liable for other hospital negligence including emergency room errors, a failure to properly monitor someone, offering delayed assistance and more. People who have been injured as a result of a hospital’s negligence should make sure to understand their legal rights including the right to compensation.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Oregon Hospital Settles With Patients Abused By Doctor,” Oct. 7, 2014