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Pregnancy-related injuries require specialized help and care

Having a baby can be a wonderful gift. However, it does not come without risks to the baby and to the mother. Like any medical condition, a pregnancy needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that you are not placed in harm’s way. Prenatal care and proper monitoring is particularly important for pregnant women, since two lives are in the hands of the doctor.

With the right prenatal care, mothers can stay informed about their pregnancy. You can learn of any potential complications and treat any issues before they become a big deal. However, if doctors fail to monitor an expecting mother a fatal injury could occur. Negligent monitoring can lead to complications in the mother such as hypertension, gestational diabetes or premature birth. With the proper monitor, fetal abnormalities may also go undiagnosed and without proper treatment.

Our firm understand the risks that surround pregnancy and birth. We know how important prenatal monitoring is for the mother and the baby. Doctors must take this role seriously or else people will get hurt.

We know that a pregnancy or birth injury can be a sensitive and difficult topic. While people expected to be adjusting to a normal healthy baby, they may be dealing with maternal complications from botched procedures or infant side-effects. Focusing on your physical recovery is most important at this time. Our firm has the expertise to handle the legal process. We know how to hold doctors and hospitals responsible for the harm they cause mothers and their babies.

If people have suffered from an injury to a mother or baby, they should know their legal rights. Our webpage can provide more information about improper prenatal care and other pregnancy injuries.