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What patients can do if they are improperly diagnosed


It is often described as being a scary situation when an individual is ill, suffering an aliment or is seriously injured. Patients in Oregon rely on the expert knowledge of a physician or a surgeon to diagnose and treat these medical problems. Our firm understands that much trust is put in medical staff and when they fail to detect or diagnose a patient, the patient could suffer greatly. Whether it is new or worsened medical conditions that result, patients should understand their rights regarding this incident.

It is not uncommon for some symptoms of an illness or a disease to mimic those of another ailment. This is why it is important that medical professionals take the time necessary to discern these differences so they can accurately diagnose the patient. If they fail to detect symptoms or the specific ailment the patient is suffering, this could lead to worsened medical conditions, or even worse, could lead to their death.

Out attorneys understand that even a small or simple form of negligence could lead to serious medical conditions. Understanding how and why this occurred is crucial, and patient should seek to understand the investigative process to understand who is liable for their medical problems and failed diagnosis. This could lead to a medical malpractice suit, resulting in compensation to cover medical costs and damages related to the incident.

Dealing with an illness, injury or a disease is already an emotional and often physically painful situation. When a patient is not properly diagnosed and treated for the wrong ailment, this could lead to worsened or new medical conditions. Patients should understand their options, and our firm’s failure to diagnose overview could help outline the situation for them and their loved ones. Furthermore, this will help protect their rights and interests.