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Negligent hospitals can be held responsible for your injuries


In times of medical crisis, Oregon residents rely on the skilled help of doctors and nurses in hospitals. In life threatening emergencies, even young children are taught to call 911 so that the person in trouble can be taken to an emergency room. Hospital staff, in particular emergency room doctors, are supposed to be trained to quickly and accurately assess a person’s injuries. Once diagnosed, these same staff members are supposed to be able to fix the problem.

However, emergency rooms across Oregon often fall short of these expectations. In some cases, emergency room doctors have been known to refuse treatment because of a person’s medical insurance coverage. Or, emergency room doctors have not taken the time to quickly or accurately diagnose a person’s medical issue. In some cases, doctors have even failed to order life-saving tests that could have led to the right diagnosis.

If you have experienced this situation, you need to know that you have legal rights. Our firm handles cases of medical malpractice that results from hospital negligence, including when emergency rooms fail to do their job. For more than 35 years, attorneys at our firm have worked to make things right for those injured by emergency room negligence.

We understand the financial and emotional strain hospital negligence can place on an individual and a family as a whole. Our firm helps families understand the compensation that they may be entitled to as a result of an error by an emergency room doctor. This compensation can help people recover medical costs, lost wages and other damage caused in the incident.

For more information about how our firm can help victims of emergency room negligence, please see our website.