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You need experience after a medical malpractice fatality


Oregon residents see doctors quite frequently for everything from a flu shot to a broken bone, the birth of a baby to a routine physical. In these cases, people are relying on the expertise of the physician to assess their situation and protect their health. In many cases, Oregon doctors do just that. They work carefully to help people stay healthy or get better.

However, there are other cases where people see a doctor but remain sick. Or, they see a doctor and get sicker. In these particular cases, patient and their families may not fully understand what is going on. They may think that they are experiencing side-effects, or they may believe that they are on the road to recover when in reality they have suffered from medical malpractice.

In particular, following the death of a loved one, people may be so emotionally distraught that they don’t know where to turn. They may have the urge to just remember the victim before the person was sick, instead of focusing on the medical issue. However, a careful examination of the circumstances surrounding a person’s death is important to ensure that a doctor’s negligence did not cause the person’s death.

Our law firm understands the delicate mix of emotions that a family goes through following a death. When a doctor, nurse or hospital could have played a role in that death, it is important that the family seek answers. We can help a family do that. We can examine medical records, charts and other documentation to see if errors were made.

When hospitals or doctors are unwilling or unable to explain a death, our firm can find the answers. If medical malpractice played a role in the death, we work hard on behalf of the victim’s family to get them the compensation they need and deserve.

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