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Determining if you were misdiagnosed legally, medically complex

The medical field is dynamic, complicated and extremely sophisticated. Doctors, nurses and administrators in this industry typically go through years of schooling and training to be able to serve patients with a standard level of care, and we as patients must rely on this training and experience when it comes to our own health.

This is why it can be so upsetting to learn that you have been misdiagnosed. You can feel angry, frustrated and even deceived when you have struggled with a condition for which treatment has not been effective as a result of an inaccurate or delayed medical diagnosis. In some cases, this is just an unfortunate reality of the complexities associated with medical care. In other cases, however, it is the result of medical negligence or malpractice.

Determining if your misdiagnosis is the result of substandard care can be extraordinarily difficult to do without legal and medical support. Building a case citing failure to diagnose typically requires testimony from other doctors, thorough examination of your care and the decisions made in your case, and an understanding of how to calculate damages that have been suffered as a result of a misdiagnosis.

Without the appropriate legal and medical resources to investigate your care, you can be left with unanswered questions and painful consequences of delayed or erroneous treatment.

Our law firm appreciates how powerless and overwhelmed you and your family can feel when your health has been jeopardized. However, we can help you take control of the situation by exploring the options for legal action. We know where to look for answers and how to find them, and if there is reason to suspect medical negligence, we can help you negotiate a settlement or go to court.

For more information on our law firm and our experience in cases involving misdiagnoses, please visit our medical malpractice website.