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May 2015 Archives

Tech issues prompt feds to ease hard drive for digital records

When the first Windows operating system was issued there were bugs. Some would argue that there hasn't been a subsequent Windows release without glitches. The same could be said for nearly any technological advancement. And considering they nearly all involve computers in some way, it should probably not be a surprise.

Births in the gray zone present huge challenges for parents

Life is such a precious commodity. Is it any wonder then that when mistakes during delivery cause injuries that erode the life possibilities of a child, there is a desire to hold someone responsible? Proving the case isn't always easy, however. Consulting an attorney is always recommended in order to assess if there's a case to be made.

Doctor's cellphone left in patient after C-section?

We make no claim about the accuracy of the coming story. We share it because it's different and because of the broad range of surgical errors that have been known to happen in the operating room. Whether it's true or not, we suspect all in Oregon can agree that surgical mistakes involving something being left behind in a patient are something that should never happen.

Projection about breast cancer diagnoses rising questioned

There are a lot of ways to interpret things when diagnoses of diseases start to rise. It may be that instances of the condition are actually on the increase. It might also be that health care providers have just found a better way of detecting problems and that it results in more cases being discovered.

Suturing tool's ingenuity doesn't make it right in every case

People who are handy around the house appreciate that there is typically a tool for every conceivable task that needs to be done. It doesn't make much sense to use a screwdriver to pound in a nail. A wrench just won't do to drive home a screw. Still, there are times when the best tool for the job isn't available. A handy Oregonian might then look for something else that will do.

Suit over delayed defibrillator use seeks $4.2 million

Have you ever had a battery-operated tool that gets finicky? The last time you used it, it was fine. You check the battery. Make sure it's installed in the device right. Hit the thing a few times with the heel of your hand. For some reason it refuses to work. Maybe after a few minutes of effort, it begins to go again.

If a robot surgery system gets hacked, who's liable?

Last week, we raised the question about who could be held responsible if a victim of robotic surgery winds up suffering complications from the procedure. A recent court case that sought and failed to hold the maker of one such device accountable suggests where the weak link might be.


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