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June 2015 Archives

What's the difference between birth injuries and defects?

Birth injuries and defects are not something that any expectant parent wants to think about. It's understandable that they would rather focus on the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Unfortunately, not every child comes out of the womb in perfect shape.

Risk of medical error can tend to be higher in hospitals

A hospital is not the place most people want to be. If you are a patient and hospitalization is required it usually means that your condition is dire and the specialized tools, equipment and higher level of staffing provided in the hospital setting are needed to ensure that the highest standard of care possible is delivered.

Teen's dental surgery death leaves family with questions

Despite the amazing strides of the past several hundred years, there are so many things we still do not know about anesthetics. We have written about this topic on several occasions. Back in March we offered a post on new research getting underway into the possible brain damage from general anesthesia in children younger than 4.

Doctors failed to diagnose her disease. Now nurse feels betrayed

Every patient in Oregon would probably benefit from having an advocate working on his or her behalf during a doctor or hospital visit. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the medical industry and what questions to ask would likely go a long way toward reducing medical errors due to negligence.

Does Oregon allow punitive damage awards in wrongful death cases?

Medicine is not an exact science. There are risks that go along with any procedure and not all treatments can be guaranteed to deliver the expected or desired results. But that does not mean that individuals who place themselves in the hands of a licensed health care professional are casting their fates to the wind.

Study: Waiting a bit to cut the cord could benefit baby over time

In our previous post, we looked at how medical standards have changed in recent decades. As we noted in that entry, there has long been a certain geographic bias that has resulted in variations in care standards across the country. Those standards have started to become more uniform as emphasis is put on the importance of evidence-based medicine and outcomes. 

Is it possible for standards of care to change?

There has always been a certain level of geographic variation in medical practice. That was perhaps a lot truer in decades past when there were no generally accepted standards of evidence-based practice. Back then, the standard of care was whatever was practiced at the nearest teaching hospital.


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