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The importance of prostate cancer screening

Doctors recommend prostate cancer screening for all men between the ages of 40 and 75, and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September is designed to remind people of the importance of this procedure. Medical studies have shown that black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other population. Furthermore, the type of prostate cancer that black men get tends to be more aggressive. When treated, they still to have a poorer outcome than Caucasian men.

One problem with prostate cancer is that it can only be detected early with regular checks. There are no symptoms in its early stages. Early screening involves a rectal exam and a prostate-specific antigen test. Later, prostate cancer can lead to complications such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

While these complications can be treated with hormonal therapy, there are also harmful side effects of that treatment. These may include heart problems, enlarged breasts and weakened bones.

Individuals who do not get early screenings may face a delayed diagnosis for prostate cancer or might be misdiagnosed. If medical professionals still fail to recognize the symptoms and treat the cancer appropriately, the individual may wish to obtain the assistance of an attorney in filing a lawsuit against the doctors and the medical facility for malpractice. The success of such a lawsuit will rest upon whether the medical professionals met the requisite standard of care. If an individual’s symptoms were such that most medical professionals would have recognized or at least tested for prostate cancer, the court may rule that medical malpractice has occurred. It is possible that an early diagnosis might have meant a significantly better prognosis and outcome for the patient. Medical professionals and facilities may also choose to settle out of court.