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Hemorrhoids could be a more serious condition

Many people living in Oregon may suffer from hemorrhoids. While the condition may be uncomfortable and can be embarrassing to talk about, it is not a serious matter in most cases. What can be a problem, however, is that blood in the stool, which is a common symptom of hemorrhoids, can also indicate a much more serious medical condition.

Many people do not realize that blood in the stool may be a symptom of colon cancer. Unfortunately, an individual who notices the blood may simply assume they have hemorrhoids and use an over-the-counter treatment for the condition. By the time their condition is diagnosed, their delayed treatment may not be as effective as treatment that could have been started earlier. It can also lead to the spread of the disease.

Another problem that may arise is a negligent physician who refuses to seriously entertain the possibility of cancer or another serious illness. The refusal to order necessary tests may result in a failure to diagnose the cancer or digestive disorder.

Individuals who believe that they have suffered from a misdiagnosis of a medical condition may benefit from speaking with an experienced malpractice attorney. The attorney may be able to review the client’s case and medical records.

After a thorough investigation, the lawyer may be able to identify the possibility of malpractice. In addition, the attorney might recommend legal strategies to the client that may include going to court and asking for compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and other damage caused by the failure to properly diagnose the patient’s condition.