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Some conditions are commonly misdiagnosed by doctors

At some point in their lives, it is likely that Oregon patients will be misdiagnosed with a condition. The problem with a misdiagnosis is that the patient will begin to receive unneeded care from a condition that they do not actually have while the search for the real medical problem stops. While rare illnesses are the most likely to be misdiagnosed, more common life-threatening disorders and diseases such as heart attacks, drug overdoses and strokes are also sometimes missed.

Prostate cancer statistics and early detection concerns

Cancer is a serious concern of many Oregon residents and their health care providers. Preventive measures that may be discussed during routine care include diet modifications, exercise and screening. However, medical recommendations related to cancer screening have changed in recent years. One example is PSA testing for prostate cancer. A task force noted in 2012 that this test was resulting in harmful treatments and negative outcomes for many men who showed little risk for the disease. In many cases, slow-growing cancers were treated aggressively, resulting in side effects because of unnecessary surgery and radiation therapy.

Cellulitis diagnosis wrong for more than 1 in 5 patients

Although physicians in Oregon generally try to make accurate diagnoses, studies repeatedly reveal that mistakes are common. For example, cellulitis, a serious bacterial infection of the skin and soft tissue, is far too frequently misdiagnosed, studies have shown.

Liability issues with hospital falls

An Oregon hospital can be a busy place, and a patient may find that it is difficult to get attention in an understaffed situation. Even with a fall risk sign on the door, the patient may find that nurses and other caregivers are unavailable to provide prompt assistance for pain issues, nourishment needs, or trips to the restroom. However, dealing with the aftermath of a fall in this setting could be difficult, especially in the case of a joint replacement patient who suffers a serious injury to the involved joint. Determining whether such a fall is a case of medical malpractice can depend on the circumstances.

Aspirin allergy errors

Although Oregon residents may demonstrate signs of hypersensitivity to medications such as aspirin, these reactions do not necessarily constitute allergies. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis of allergic reaction could lead to halting a cardiac treatment that is typically effective and affordable. Although a true allergy to aspirin is possible, a patient with signs of a possible allergy could benefit dramatically from being referred to an allergy specialist for further evaluation.

Study released on liability of health care providers

A study recently published in a medical journal examines why medical malpractice lawsuits may escalate due to cost containment decisions. The study was conducted using doctors in Florida, and a pattern may point out that doing more testing may result in a decreased likelihood of a malpractice lawsuit in Oregon and around the country.

Misdiagnosis of hernias

Oregon residents may not know that groin hernias are frequently not diagnosed correctly, especially when they occur in women. Although this problem has been known for 40 years, many doctors still do not know what to look for when they are reviewing CT scans of the region.


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