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How to improve patient safety in Oregon

No one likes to think about doctors making mistakes, but unfortunately it still happens in Oregon and around the country. Whether they are overworked, understaffed, or are not paying enough attention, medical negligence can cost people their lives.

There are a few steps that can be taken to help increase patient safety and reduce negligence in the health care industry. The first step calls for medical professionals to stop and think before they act. This momentary time out allows them to make sure they have chosen the correct diagnosis to prevent the spread of disease.

Another step requires physicians to get a second opinion. Most people have heard about patients seeking a second doctor’s opinion, but physicians should be doing it too. When two physicians agree on a diagnosis before the patient is treated, it reduces the chances of that diagnosis being incorrect and increases the chances of that patient receiving proper care. The third and final step suggests overhauling the way doctors’ offices manage test results. If technicians can read the lab work and get those results to the physicians right away, then the physicians will be able to share those results with their patients and begin a treatment plan much sooner, before their patient’s condition worsens.

These simple steps are a great start to improving patient care, but some patients have already fallen victim to medical malpractice. It often starts with a physician’s failure to diagnose a serious disease, such as cancer, which leads to delayed treatment while the cancer spreads. A patient who is in a situation like this should contact an attorney immediately in order to determine how best to seek compensation for the losses that have been incurred.