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Negligence in the emergency room


Like most people in Oregon, when you go to the emergency room, you are most likely seeking treatment for a sudden illness or injury. Doctors in emergency rooms are expected to be able to provide medical care to patients suffering from a variety of different medical conditions and injuries. Sometimes they are negligent in the care they provide, leaving people like you suffering from serious injuries as a result.

There are several different ways in which an emergency room doctor could potentially have been negligent. If you were discharged because you didn’t have medical insurance and then suffered harm as a result, the doctor may be found to have acted negligently. Similarly, if your doctor refused to refer you to a specialist for additional needed treatment before discharging you, the doctor may also have committed medical negligence.

Failing to properly diagnose a patient or failing to perform differential diagnoses when they are indicated are other ways in which emergency room doctors are sometimes negligent. If your doctor gave you the incorrect medication, one that you were allergic to or the wrong dose, he or she may be held liable for the injuries caused to you by the mistake.

At our law firm, we use our knowledge of the law to help people who have been injured by medical errors. If you were severely injured in the emergency room because of your attending doctor’s mistakes, you may be able to recover damages through filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. We work hard to show that medical negligence resulted in our clients being harmed. If you would like to learn more about the services we can provide, we invite you to review the information on our hospital negligence page.