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Woman awarded $50 million for severe childbirth injuries


Oregon expectant women may be interested to learn about a woman who was awarded $50 million for childbirth injuries. The woman was permanently injured due to medical errors that were made during the birth of her first child. Though the woman had severe injuries, she was not aware of them until after her second child was born.

In 2009, the mother gave birth to her first child at St. Barnabas Hospital. During the delivery, the woman suffered tissue lacerations, and the woman’s obstetrician gave her an unneeded episiotomy. The episiotomy never healed properly after the woman’s hospital stay, and the woman’s digestive system was damaged. After she became pregnant with her second child one year later, the woman gave birth vaginally without realizing that the second birth would worsen the injuries.

The mother finally realized that she had internal injuries from doctor errors after the birth of her second child. She went to consultations and had multiple surgeries, but nothing corrected the damage. The woman was forced to quit her job because of the injuries that were causing her to suffer from incontinence. They also prevented her from having sexual intercourse with her husband.

A woman who is injured by errors made during the delivery process by a negligent doctor may want to have the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney in seeking compensation for the harm that has resulted. Amounts that are sought could include the cost of medical care and treatment that was required to correct the damage as well as wages that were lost due to an inability to work.