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How patients can prevent anesthesia risks


Physicians and health care facilities do their best to limit and prevent risks when patients need medical procedures, but there are always thing patients need to know about in case something does go wrong. Anesthesia is generally safe, but here are some ways Oregon residents who are facing the need for surgery could lower the chances of an error happening.

Genetics might play a big role in how a patient reacts to different treatments, and there is a genetic susceptibility to anesthesia that could make one have reactions like a spike in blood pressure. Having a dangerous reaction to anesthesia due to genetics is rare, but one can talk to family members and see if anyone has ever had a negative reaction.

While a doctor might have a copy of someone’s medical history, this does not mean the doctor knows all the relevant information. It does not hurt to discuss things with a doctor just to be safe. If a family member or a patient has experienced a negative reaction to anesthesia, the patient can make sure the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses are all aware of this before the procedure takes place.

Surgeons might have rules about eating habits before a procedure that should be followed. Some vitamins and herbal supplements interact with anesthesia and cannot be taken within weeks of the surgery. Eating after a certain time could also be prohibited as it can lead to complications, and surgery might need to be postponed when eating too close to the scheduled start time.

Although they try their best, negligent operating room staff sometimes cause severe harm to a patient. A person who has been injured by such an error may want to meet with an attorney to see if filing a medical malpractice lawsuit would be advisable.