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Hormone discovery may hold promise for young PCOS sufferers


Teens in Oregon who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, are at risk of misdiagnosis due to overlap between the syndrome’s symptoms and commonplace side effects of puberty. For instance, girls with PCOS may experience irregular menstruation. Unfortunately, this condition can also occur in girls going through normal adolescence. However, scientists in Greece have recently discovered a new hormone that may act as a distinguishing hallmark of PCOS.

According to scientists, the hormone, called irisin, is found in high levels in some girls who suffer from PCOS. Researchers are hopeful that establishing a link between elevated irisin levels and overly high testosterone levels in PCOS patients might result in the development of more effective targeted drug and lifestyle treatments.

PCOS affects some 12 percent of all women. The condition leads to abnormal enlargement of the ovaries, which become distended by small accumulations of fluid. If left untreated, it may result in type-2 diabetes, fertility issues or exaggerated hair growth. While PCOS is an incurable lifelong condition, scientists say that with earlier diagnosis, teens could begin coping with the symptoms and potentially avoid complications.

A doctor’s failure to diagnose a patient’s disease might lead to lifelong suffering. In addition to potentially being administered treatment for a condition they don’t have, victims of misdiagnoses may incur additional medical costs that could have been avoided if they had only been assessed properly in the first place. Although new technology and diagnostic methods hold some promise, they may not become widely available in time to save everyone. Talking to a lawyer could help these patients learn about seeking court-ordered compensation.