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Injuries caused by surgical mistakes


While most Oregon doctors may be highly trained and professional, many patients who undergo surgery are seriously injured due to surgical errors. If you’ve been injured by a surgical error, you may be able to receive financial compensation that could cover the cost of the damages.

Surgical errors may take a number of different forms and cause lasting harm. Some people have to undergo additional surgeries because the surgical staff accidentally left sponges or other medical instruments inside the body. In particularly egregious cases, doctors may operate on the wrong body part or complete wrong-side amputations.

Other errors may involve mistakes made with anesthesia or the doses of administered drugs. Doctors can also accidentally nick organs while they are performing surgeries. Some people suffer permanent nerve damage or blindness because of surgical mistakes. No matter what type of surgical error you might have experienced, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor, hospital and medical staff responsible. Before you do so, however, you’ll need to gather documents and evidence that may be necessary for you to be able to prove your case.

At the Law Office of Robert E. Miller, we advocate for individuals who have suffered serious injuries caused by surgical errors so that they might recover fair monetary damages to compensate them for their losses. Attorney Robert Miller often seeks out the help of medical experts so that he can build strong cases for his clients. In cases in which the insurance companies and doctors refuse to settle, he litigates for clients through trials. If you’ve been injured during a medical surgery, you may learn more about your rights on our surgical errors page.