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Child dies after routine tonsillectomy


Oregon parents may be interested in learning that it was reported on Jan. 6 that a 9-year-old Michigan child died following a routine tonsillectomy. The child underwent the procedure on Dec. 8 and died from cardiac arrest just hours later.

The child reportedly had her tonsils removed to prevent her from snoring. The procedure, which doctors said was medically necessary, was supposed to take about 40 minutes. However, it ended up taking more than two hours. She was then discharged from the hospital but was in and out of sleep and not feeling well. The doctor prescribed oxycodone, a painkiller, but the mother was unable to get the prescription filled due to government regulations.

It was not known why the child died. However, the medical report indicated that her death could have been caused by anesthesia complications, undetected heart problems or an obstructed airway. Additionally, the mother argued that the child should not have been discharged as she was not in stable condition following the procedure. The mother stated that she intended to sue the Detroit Medical Center for wrongful death.

A fatal surgical error can occur if there are complications during a surgery or the surgeon makes a mistake. If a patient dies following a common procedure, the family members may potentially be eligible to seek compensation for their loss. While this will not bring back a deceased loved one, it can help surviving family members cover the cost of medical bills and lost income if the family relied on the deceased person’s income. Additionally, parents of children who died due to a surgical error may seek compensation for their pain and suffering.